Sunday, August 20, 2017

I once was lost

And I'm still kinda fucking lost.

Since may I've done 3 units; Prussian cuirassiers, Glotz dragoons, and the Russian Narvska battalion.
In the same period I have painted; 12 French line Napoleonic Line infantry, 3 French Napoleonic Dragoons. 12 Landsknecht, 6 Swedish Musketeers, 6 English musketeers, 6 Polish winged hussars.  On top of that, I have almost finished 6 Austrian SYW Musketeers. No units done. I've been bouncing all over the place. I literally had only a couple of hours left of work on the last 6 landskencht to finish the 18 I had planned, which would have let me finish the 54 strong pike block. But noo had to do other stuff. I was so sure I would be able to finish the 12 Polish hussars. but nope. the next 3 horses are half done....

But I finally did finish something. I had 6 warfare cavalry laying around they were supposed to be Saxon Cuirassiers. Instead, they are now the Dutch regiment Saxe-Heilburg. My WSS project has gotten way too little love. While my Saxons and Danes can be used for WSS. So far the only pure WSS units I have are 1 Dutch battalion and 2 French Squadrons.

So this was an attempt to remedy that.

The unit is really Cuirassier, so the cuirass, is painted as buff coat. 
 I like the light grey I've managed to do. 
Given that the Dutch regiments were mostly 2 squadrons, this is it. Only 6 strong.
Flags is ordered. But not sent yet.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Say hallo to my medium sized friend

Well it's one day shy of a month since my last post. I've been lost, I started a new Napoleonic project. I thought I had about a 20% chance of actually getting into it. As it turns out the 80% won. After painting 12 French infantry and 3 French dragoons I was bored with it.  Just can't seem to get into it. 

Before I started on the Napoleonic project. I had done half a Russian GNW battalion. The first base was done and almost done with the pikemen. When I started on those evil Napoleoincs. But I got back and managed to finsih the unit. It is the Narvaska regiment.  I really like the Warfre Russians, Especially the officers with their Russian sashes and all that gold. Proper Dandies!

My Russians now have a Brigade, The two battalions behind are Musketeer/Footsore which I don't like. so they don't get any closeups.

And Sinc I've been gone for almost a month, I now give you my Allied army.
7 battalions, 9 squadrons. 185 figures(131 infantry 54 cavalry)
3 Danish, 3 Russian and 1 Saxon battalion, 3 Danish, 4 Saxon Cavalry squadrons, and 2 Saxon dragoon squadrons.

I'm now working on a Swedish battalion, After that, I'll start work on my two remaining Saxon squadrons(1 cuirassier and 1 dragoon) I also have 1 Saxon battalion and 1 Russian battalion to do, And a Second Swedish battalion. By the time those are done I hope the new Swedish and Russian cavalry from Warfare are out. I got 9 more squadrons of Swedish cavalry to paint.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Glotz Dragoons

Well, It's again been close to a month since last post.
Not long after I finished my Prussian dragoons, I got the need to finally start on those Warfare miniature dragoons. They looked awesome and I've had them laying around for some time.

But just as I started on them, I got hooked on several PC games again. The games drained my precious fluids. And I lost my painting mojo. Add to that we suddenly got a small monsoon season. And I hate having finished figures and not being able to take pictures of them. Last few days have been very nice, but today will be the last day before several new days of rain. The ground hasn't had time to dry up yet...

So I trucked on and finished the first two squadrons, there is still one left to do.
I was surprised when looking at the pictures, Since I didn't have my mojo I often do half-assed jobs, But the figures look very nice on the pictures, the horses looked much better than I feared, It did help that it was light overcast. It's much easier to make the details come out when there isn't to much sun.

 The look very nice, the new warfare dragoon horses are lovely. 
 There are 4 different horses, 3 of them got dragoon equipment instead of a second pistol. One got a knife, the second got a spade and the 3rd got an axe. 
All 3 troopers also have an axe under their cartridge box.

 The Colonel got red reigns to make him stand out. 
The horses are lovely and small, I hope other companies start doing this too. Given that even during the Napoleonic wars, French Hussars and Chasseurs shouldn't be riding horses bigger than this.

I've now started work on my warfare Russian battalion, The first  6 are based now. I'm starting work on the pikemen today or tomorrow. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Markgraf Friedrich von Brandenburg Cuirassiers

Two posts in one month? You lucky bastards you!

Have you ever had one of those units that everything goes wrong with?

Well, this is one of those. it started with the reigns on the horses. Didn't like the way they ended up. Then you have all the little details that the Prussian cuirassiers have. I feel I have to try and paint them, yet my skill is far below what I need to be able to paint these details......
The end result is an untidy messy looking thing. I got half way through and did the next 4 horses. By this time my inspiration was gone, I probably used two weeks on painting those last 4 riders.... And they, and because I had problems concentrating on them, they became even messier and untidy...

Well, they are done, but since this regiment will get 4 squadrons I still have 8 more of them to paint, plus 8 more cuirassiers from another regiment.... I don't think it will go any better. Luckily an order from Minden is at the post office(they gone fucked up and yesterday when my wife picked up the package(and paid lots of VAT on them) She got the wrong package, and so instead of Minden miniatures I got some basing material.... But I'll go there today and fix it and pick it up this will let me complete two half done battalions(one Austrian and one Prussian) those I AM quite happy with(especially the Austrian one)

Anyway here are some pictures.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kolowrat-Krakowski Dragoons

 So I hinted that I  had gone all  out on these, and so I have, while I used water downed paints   on the horses on the Scots Greys, But here I used it all  the way, I also blended much more than I used to, I normally  shy away from blending as I  find it a pain in the ass, but here I did it on almost all the colors. I also tried a new combo of skin colors, starting with a very dark color, Brick red,  then working upwards.

I'm very happy with these, I  really liked the results and so did the same on the Austrian infantry I'm half done with, I also bought reaper paints, and I'm very happy with the two triads I've used so far. New wood for the muskets and carbines. and a new white that became the asutrian uniforms.

Now on the organization,  I restarted my SYW project with Might & Reason in mind, but I'd like to do smaller scale too. So while this would be a dragoon brigade in M&R, I need to find out what this would be at a smaller scale. I've decided to steal the idea from Beneath the Lilly banners. Where each unit is a "squadron" and each Game "squadron" is two real squadrons. So anywhere from  220-380 horses and men. This means that some units will be stuck as the tiny 8 figure units, like most of the British and French units, While this one will be a mighty 24 strong if I do it full strength.

Anyway here it is.
 Horses are still not as good as I want, but better. The last 4(the two black and dark brown) are better then the first 4.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

2nd Dragoons(Scots greys)

 So the  Scots Greys have been a favorite of mine for a long time, but not because of Waterloo, where they, after all,  behaved like idiots and got a massive casualty rate because of it.
No, it's because of they service mostly during the WSS but also SYW.
I  plan on doing the regiments for both  those periods(and yes for Waterloo  too)
First up is the WAS/SYW period versions. The miniatures are the wonderful Crann Tara.

I'm quite happy with the troopers but the horses didn't turn out well, I hate to paint white/gray horses. After trying several different techniques like dry brush I decided to try water downed paint. Sadly the highlights didn't have a big enough contrast and so the details get washed out. But I got the taste for it.  And I'll keep at it,  I've done 4 more horses now and I  think the results are already better.

Next up is the Austrian dragoons(with the aforementioned horses) And I went all out with those. (more on that later)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Numidian cavarly

So  I finished these 2 "small" units for Hail Ceasar. They are the lovely Victrix plastic set.

 I started out painting  them in the classic but wrong dark African skin  tone,

 But after seeing how other did north African skin, I  managed to find a way. In the end, the skin was made with  Foundry  Chestnut A and B then Citadel Agrax Earth shade, then a second highlight of Chestnut B.
 It did take a couple of tries to find the right color, So, in the end, there is 4 different skin colors in this unit.

I'm kinda anciented out now, I have to try and finish my elephant and Spanish cavalry.  But I mostly want to get back to my  18th-century projects. Not sure if GNW or SYW will be first out.